Be The One

I used to think magic didn’t exist.

Until I realized I was magic.

Guess what?

You are magic too…

…so, do not put out your fire simply because someone else doesn’t understand your flame.

You continue to surround yourself with the light, never losing hope, and go where your soul feels most alive.

The world is full of magic that is patiently waiting for people’s senses to grow sharper…don’t dull yours just because they don’t understand or simply don’t believe.


Be The One…

Be the girl they never saw coming.

The one who calms and centers and truly claims their heart. The one who leaves a little glittery chaos in her wake.

Be the surprise.

Be the passionate one that gives a shit about things that keep you sparkling and bright…

Be the love of your life and you will be the love of their life.

Be your own best friend and you will be their best friend.

Be your own lover and you will be their lover.

Be your own soul-mate and you will be their soul mate.

Be the fire in your veins and you will be the fire their veins.

Be like no one else.

Be the one who never leaves their mind, be the ride or die, be the safe place. Be the silly dance partner. Be the play list. Be the one who shows them a home and a mysterious, foreign land, all at once. Be stunning in your spontaneous authenticity, and do not be afraid of their past or the unknown future.

Be the NOW.

Make them soft for you no matter how hard they roll or how hard life gets.

Be the female who knows how to yield, submit and when to follow, and when you need to stay true to yourself – be willing to go your own way, patiently loving them from afar until they come to their own place of yielding, understanding, and open authenticity.

Call bullshit on bullshit and don’t let them make you feel like less or guilty or try to tell you something other than what you actually meant. Don’t let them pull that card on you…

In your own gentle yet firm way, speak plainly. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Cast your female spell. Love them so fiercely, so very passionately that they feel your love deep in their bones, seeping in to their soul, filling all their cracks and broken parts till it spills over like water breaking through a dam.

Love and accept them as they come to you. Do not try to change one single thing of who they are. Let them come to their own conclusion and realization that you truly accept every bit of them and where they are in life and that you are the ONE…the one they want to do this thing called life with…and the thought of doing it any other way leaves them with a knot in their stomach.

Be the one that makes them want to fight to feel whole, in a way they never have before. Not in a temporary euphoria induced, heady romantic way, but in a passionate, deep down, vibrating in their fucking soul kind of way.

Be the one they breathe in and exhale, because your subtle scent stays on their mind…

Be the one so in love with your own dope soul and so comfortable in your own smooth, soft skin – you stay anchored to the energy of the universe.

Be so secure in that knowledge – that you can pull up anchor, to set sail for new horizons or drop it when it’s time to stay.

Be connected, not attached.

Be intelligent, be strong, be soft, be badass and sparkle with all your own magic like only you can.

Leave a glittering trail, everywhere you go.

Be effortlessly yourself. Be so fucking real, you are the rare one…the brilliant dazzling one, the one not afraid to stand tall in the conviction of your love…

Let them know – you chose them.

Let them know, you leave that glittery trail for them to find you and you hope they will leave a trail so that you can find them too…because as much as they feel all that for you…you feel it for them too.

Be the one who may not be perfect, yet is perfect for them…and be willing to accept that while they are not perfect, they are perfect for you too.

So you can be magic together…but first…

Be The One.

Go in love,


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