You know what they say, “BUC PRIDE NEVER DIES!”


Hope here and so this Hopeservations is a little different!!!

That is what is so great about Hopeservations! They can be about ANY little Hopeful Observation we find in life!

Okay – so here goes…

As many of you know, I am a sport mom, mainly of volleyball!!!

As you may also know, I had been a Buccaneer ESE teacher, Department Chair, Cheer Coach, team mom and/or mom in some form or fashion since 1995…and so while, this is my first year not actually on Mainland’s campus, I have been there so long – I’m pretty sure when I get cut – I bleed blue & gold.

Let me tell you about Mainland High School. It is a beautiful campus, right in the heart of Daytona Beach, Florida. It sits on one the busiest and most esteemed corners, International Speedway Blvd and Clyde Morris Blvd. We are within walking distance of NASCAR and WE are HOME of the BUCCANEERS.

Our school saying, “BUC PRIDE NEVER DIES!”

We have had amazing sports programs over the years. Our football program alone has been to state 25 years running, we have many former students in the NFL, *head nods to Terry Anthony, Ricardo Allen, Lenard Williams, Adrian Killians Jr. & many more*

Our basketball program graduated Vince Carter and has been number one in the state in years past…and I could go on and on about Track & Field…etcetcetc…then there is professional golfer, Matt Every. We can even claim Phil Dalhausser, Olympic Gold Medalist and Pro Beach Volleyball player to our long list of esteemed athletes.

Needless to say, sports are HUGE at our school!

All of them except, GIRLS VOLLEYBALL!!! Not that people don’t love and support it, because those of us who do…DO!

Yet let me give you a little more background…

We are also a poorer socio economic school. So for some students, sports are what keeps them connected!

Our volleyball program has historically struggled to compete with surrounding high schools because our girls come to high school with less exposure to travel and club sports. They simply can’t afford it. Many of the girls have never even played volleyball on any kind of competitive level prior to their 9th grade year.

Now Mainland’s coaching staff, Lauren Valle is working hard to change that volleyball culture and I am a sport mom, who has worked at Mainland in the past and has supported that charge of change since my older daughter, Abby started in 2014 under Sandra Garner, former coach of the program AND who is directly responsible for getting my girls in to volleyball! She too worked tirelessly to change the climate prior to her handing the ball over to Lauren.

I’m pleased to say that slowly but surely over the past years, there has been forward momentum to this change but it is a slow progression and it takes money!

Now – I’ve only used my blog once for a fundraiser before (the same fund raiser actually) but you know what, I have readers and some readers might be inclined to donate to something and this is certainly worthwhile!

Just so happens we are also very honored to announce Sadie made the Mainland High School Varsity Volleyball Team this school year, so this makes year three of her playing on Varsity!

She continues to be a BUC and currently 14th in her 2023 graduating class. She puts way too much pressure on herself and I often worry about the pressure she puts on herself to accel!

Which gets me to my biggest point!

As always, she wants to accel in her high school fundraiser by giving back to the volleyball program she is a part of and that gives to so many others only I don’t mind using this platform to help, if possible!!!

In this day & age, there are so many requests for donations and we all have so many of our own financial responsibilities yet, if anyone feels inclined to support Sadie and the “MHS Girls Volleyball Program,” we would be so grateful!


Your donation, any size, would go toward transportation costs, uniforms, new equipment, end of year banquet – you name it.

FACT: Public school sports do not get funded by the schools and smaller teams, like us – do not have big booster programs, so it is up to our team to raise money to meet the team needs.

Having been a team mom during Abby’s years – I know how costly it was to run the program. Every little bit helps. I sure made lots of meals, sold lots of plates of spaghetti, concessions, parking at football games – you name it. So believe me when I say, WHATEVER you donate goes directly to a program in support of girls and trust that it gets well used! There is nothing frivolous being spent, no fancy banquets, or gift baskets…but there is a lot of love and lower costs!

While we will struggle to raise our money, other schools in the area won’t. However, please know – money raised here helps build a program that supports young girls from our area being able to continue their exposure to a sport they otherwise would not have had.

In many cases that is life altering.

Sadie’s original goal is $500 toward the team goal of $6000. She has already raised $550 from amazing, awesome people like YOU yet even though we met our personal goal, we are team players…and the TEAM goal has not been met!

If you’re not able or incline, or think this Hope lady is NUTS…that’s okay too!

It can’t hurt to ask and just knowing there are so many of you who have rooted our girls on from near & far, is TRULY support enough!

However, if you ARE incline, we will gratefully accept any donations or even if you just share the blog or snap link!!!

From the bottom of the Dutton-Rich family heart, and on behalf of the BUCCANEERS – we thank you and you will now be a part of something so much bigger!

You will be part of the BUCCANEER FAMILY!

A place where Buc Pride Never Dies!

…and as always,

Go in love,

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