I Know a Girl and You Know her TOO!

Just a few of the important women in my life!

I know a girl…

You know her too…because she is YOU and she is me too…

She is all of us! She is any one of us that is part of the female persuasion!

So hear me out…and hopefully this will be read till the end, because it is an important message.

Around 2010, I realized I had only so many years till empty nest.

Like most moms, my WHOLE WORLD revolved around my children, and rightfully so, they deserve the best mom I can be!

After all, I LOVE BEING A MOTHER, and I realized I would be the saddest momma once they moved out!

I also realized I had allowed myself to lose some of myself along the way…

Women do that…we have a way of giving so much of ourselves, we forget we were a whole person before THIS part of our journey began and while THIS part added perspective and depth we maybe didn’t have before, it’s not our ONLY hat!

However, hopefully by choice, we took on the charge to fiercely create selfless stability for these little humans.

Only they won’t stick their little fingers under our doors while we seek a private moment FOREVER…there will come a day they fly the coop and when that happens, if we’ve put all our eggs in THAT ONE BASKET…it can be pretty tough stuff for some of us!

There in lies the quandary…how to balance ALL this out…

Me personally…I vowed to evolve…

I decided to keep being me, yet I would evolve and try new things constantly. I would teach myself new things, I would push myself beyond my comfort zone in all ways.

Emotionally, spiritually, physically!


Well, for lots of reasons!

It’s fun, it allows us to see ourselves in a new light, it’s healthy for us, it gives us new adventures, it allows us to have a vast array of skills and talents that we can hone in on even after our children are gone to help fill the void, maybe we become an expert at one of these things but we won’t know till we try, we make lots of new friends along the way, we continually see life from new perspectives, it keeps us from being bored, and it helps keep us young at heart in lots of ways!

Yet…like most evolutions it takes time, and it never ends.

It can sometimes be scary as it’s a constant state of changing, adding, deleting, becoming.

However, I’m a firm believer it’s something we all should do.

As a result, at least one to two (or more) NEW things get added to my resume of life EACH YEAR!

Sometimes it’s by chance, sometimes it’s by choice, sometimes I don’t even recognize it till afterwards and then I look back and say, “whoa…I did THAT!”

It just so happens; in 2021, my horoscope for the year was about spiritual evolution. At first, I didn’t grasp it when I read it, yet as the year unfolded, it became clearer.

I could go on and on about all the spiritual evolutions and NEW, FIRST things I did, but those are stories for another day…yet it culminated in November, when I became an Ordained Minister.

I didn’t tell anyone. Most of these things are for me and me alone….yet, a very dear and close girlfriend Kathy Courtney had suggested that I should, so I did. It seemed like a great way to close out another year of news in the spiritual realm!

Afterwards, upon me telling her that I had, she said, “Great! Now you can marry me!”

Didn’t see that coming…ummm, that’s not true, of course I had seen it coming!

Fast forward into 2022, and on March 11, 2022, I fulfilled yet ANOTHER FIRST when I officiated my first wedding!

It was wonderful and I took it very seriously!

I did my initial research based on my knowledge of the couple; then I met with the couple ahead of time. We spent half a day together where we talked and walked through what they wanted and what they were looking for. We visited the spot where they wanted to marry, then I did more research based on precisely what they wanted.

In the end, I told their story! I intertwined traditional with non-traditional, included heritage elements, ensured it covered all THEIR organic and spiritual bases, and was able to contribute to their moment that was all about THEM!

While this was THEIR day, and will be their story to tell, unbeknownst to them – it was a day for me too in that I accomplished yet another one of my FIRSTS!

As a momma, and as an ever evolving woman, I loved it and I hope they did too!

The point is ladies, no matter WHAT you are doing, keep pushing yourself to new levels – no matter how big or small.

You are only pushing yourself for the betterment of YOURSELF and you and all who love you will benefit from it…including your children!

No matter WHAT it is…

…and in the end, you’ll be pretty pleased that you did!

As always…

Go in love,

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