Keep Calm & Have Gratitude

Heading home…

Hello gorgeous grateful soul! Yeah, this one is going out to you…

So it’s been a minute. I feel like I have been saying that a lot these days about my writing and guess what?

I have!

Work-outs, writing, riding my Harley, pursuing other creative avenues…etcetcetc…they all seem to be on the back burner for “REAL” life!

As it is, I’m writing this one as I ride from one coast to the other… because that’s how I roll… (see what I did there 😂)

Being a wife, mom, and teacher in a very intense setting where the students, curriculum, DOE and DJJ compliance, and time demands are high, and you have to watch your back (literally) because every move you make is scrutinized in some form or fashion (and virtually no days off) all of which is okay, you are there to do what you do. I love it, but by the time the kids are transported back to their secured areas, you are mentally, physically, and emotionally wiped out…holy run-on sentence!

Then add the fact that I have a senior trying to live her best life, which includes college visits, travel volleyball, etcetcetc, a junior that appears to be on auto-pilot but let’s get real, he isn’t, a 23-year-old who is newly moved out and doing life but still requires Mom from time to time, a husband and house that seem to be in constant repair due to multiple storms, hurricanes, and age…and various other family and financial demands, including lots of illnesses, surgeries, hospital stays, near-death experiences…WHOA! It’s to the point when someone asks, “how ya doing?” I reply, “fine!” because I feel like if I answered honestly, someone’s head might pop off!

Yet this is in fact REAL LIFE and a life that is no different for almost everyone. No matter how many practices you have put in place to manage it, keep it in balance, or eliminate anything that does not NEED to be there for the sake of harmony, it starts to feel like it is spinning off its axis with a crazed rush!

It is easy to get caught up in our heads and forget to live with gratitude for all we have.

When it’s more important than ever to keep reminding ourselves of all the good things we have going for us.

As a result, I try to look for the good in each day, each hour, and each moment as a powerful way to stay positive. I much prefer celebrating all the small and big victories in life rather than noticing and focusing on all the little nit-picky moments.

Focusing on the positive builds resilience and helps us to frame everything that happens as an opportunity to grow, whereas concentrating on the small-minded hyper critical moments is a pretty petty Betty and negative way to live. Not to mention defeating with its ability to tear everything and everyone down!

A positive mindset spills over and encourages growth, and with growth comes great opportunities for EVERYONE!

Only let’s face it, life is still LIFE!

No matter how much we may love our life and how successful or fulfilling it may be, there are occasions when it gets rough! Deadlines, overwhelming mess-up moments, plain old “STUFF” that happens, and those days when you feel like nothing but the hard lemons of life are hurtling at you…

…yet it is those VERY days, when things seem harsh, that we ALL need to reflect on how lucky we are to be in a place where those things can even be an issue.

For all of us to be grateful that we have the opportunity to be in a challenging position so that we may learn, grow and be thankful for it!


Yet, we are encouraged on this Thanksgiving to remember to be grateful for our time and the things we can control. So much of being grateful has to do with perspective!

It reminds us that in every aspect of life,
Gratitude is an important attitude!

Gratitude, I believe, can change any negative into a positive and is probably the most powerful thing one can practice daily!

So whether I am at home, at work, on the beach, or traveling from one place to the next… know I am grateful for my extended family and network of friends in all my circles of life, both online and in person.

I wish you all a similar mindset of celebrating gratitude as we kick off a journey to a beautiful holiday season, and 2023!

So keep calm and have gratitude!

As always,

Go in love,


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