• Hopeservations

    Don’t Wait!

    Hey y’all…it’s me! So…driving home from dinner at Tia Cori’s last night…best and most authentic little Mexican restaurant in all of Daytona, on Beach St. with great outside seating, river breezes and views of life passing by…when I noticed the light and shadows playing across the water as the sun set. The warm glow, encroaching darkness, with the sailboat framed against the bridge. It caught my eye. I quickly pulled over and walked up the Main St. Bridge to snap a few pictures as I faced ISB Bridge. This isn’t new to me. I always stop to enjoy life’s little moments. It’s pretty much what makes me, me and a…

  • hope

    About Hope and Hopeservations!

    So true to Hope form, after years and years of wetting a toe and pondering the idea…as everyone may or may not have figured out by now…I jumped into the blogging world waters feet first and the deep end to boot. Sure, I got lucky in that, I starting cultivated the tone and brand for my blog Hopeservations years ago when I started moving all my social media’s over to that particular hashtag and title…but that was just by chance. It simply seemed the smart thing to do in the event I ever did finally kick off a blog but I didn’t really know that back in 2014, although I…

  • sunrises

    How Sunrises Renewed My Life

    For as long as I have lived on the east coast of Florida, I have had a love affair with sunrises. For years, I was all about the sunset. Yet, people change and so did I. I can remember being a teenager living on the west coast and my father always being an early riser. I dreading him waking me on Saturday mornings to run errands. It would be the crack of dawn…and I usually felt imposed upon for whatever reason any teen aged person feels imposed upon…but every time I dragged myself from the bed, I had such a feeling of enlightenment and accomplishment by the time we completed…